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Quality Ingredients, Tasty Cheesecakes

Delicious and creamy cheesecakes for your special event or just to treat yourself and your loved ones with our sweet and tasty variety.

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Custom Cakes

Fresh ingredients, all from scratch.

All our delicious cakes are homemade all from scratch, order yours at least two weeks ahead of time. Get your custom quote today.

About us

Who's Amy?
Quién es Amy?

Since I was a child I was a lover of desserts since my mother would often make her special carrot cake, Mozaic jelly, and her delicious cheesecakes. I used to say  "when I grow up I'm going to make a bunch of these desserts for myself". And this wish came true, the first dessert I ever made was a cheesecake, I loved it! It was a wonderful feeling to see (and taste) the result, I fell in love.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of time and the excess of daily tasks, I had to take time away from baking and instead, I dedicated myself to study and work a normal job. Whenever my mother would make some of her desserts I was the first one to get a taste.

One day, asking my mom for her recipes again, I started making my pies and cheesecakes at home. My whole family loved them and since our family budget was tight, it occurred to me that if my family loved my cheesecakes, maybe other people might like them as well. So I got down to work!

Then I started selling cheesecakes, and to my surprise, they were a huge success. People loved them, and that motivated me to offer something more... my custom cakes!

The first ones were very simple, but as always, they were made with lots of love. I offered vanilla and chocolate cakes with whipped cream or cream cheese. After a few weeks, I added my Special Carrot Cake (made with wholemeal flour) and my Tres-Leches-Cake with fruits.

Looking for something more to offer my clients, I started selling unicorn cakes (2017 trend), and the seasonal Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas cakes.

I am originally from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. I'm happily married and have two children, my 12-year-old daughter Amelia and my baby 3-year-old son Samuel. We are currently living in the beautiful city of Las Cruces. 

Amy's Cakes' logo is designed with a combination of my husband's name, Samuel and mine.

I'd love to create a commercial line of my cakes and pastries someday and be able to reach more people with my mom's secret recipes.

I also like learning new things every day about new baking trends and techniques.

Thank you all!

Amy, owner at Amy’s Cakes

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